Message from The Owners


Marc Dorman  |  President (right), Matt Lehmann  |  VP/Managing Partner (left)

We believe the  insurance business is that of a  “relationship business.” It is a business built on the principles of trust, which we must earn if we expect to have effective, long-term relationships with clients—our associates, carriers, and the communities we all serve.

Simply put, our job is to assist  our clients to manage risk by identifying their  exposures and selecting the most appropriate risk management techniques for handling them. Whether the goal is continuity of operations, earnings stability, meeting external obligations, or simply peace of mind, the principle of trust serves as the foundation for achieving these goals and assuring mutually successful relationships with our clients.

At Moran Insurance we have been earning the trust of our clients for more than 3 decades. As we look toward the future, we believe  that our continued success lies squarely upon our ability to demonstrate genuine concern for our clients, seek new and innovative ways to protect them, and above all, serve them with integrity.

In the decades ahead, our clients will face an ever-changing world presenting an array of new issues and risks. They can trust that Moran Insurance will be there, helping them to meet each new challenge.