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food network turkey recipeThe first Watch Night services occurred on "Freedom's Eve," or the eve of January 1, 1863. On that night, enslaved and free African Americans gathered in churches and private homes all across the country, awaiting news that the Emancipation Proclamation had taken effect.

However, not everyone in Confederate territory would immediately be free. Even though the Emancipation Proclamation was made effective in 1863, it could not be implemented in places still under Confederate control. As a result, in the westernmost Confederate state of Texas, enslaved people would not be free until much later. Freedom finally came on June 19, 1865, when some 2,000 Union troops arrived in Galveston Bay, Texas. The army announced that the more than 250,000 enslaved black people in the state were free by executive decree. This day came to be known as "Juneteenth" by the newly freed people in Texas.

In celebration of Juneteenth National Independence Day, our office will be closed.


It's the perfect time to get started.

Power Wash the Exterior:
Power washing instantly enhances your home's curb appeal by brightening and cleaning its exterior, making it more inviting. It removes built-up grime that can degrade paint and materials, extending your home's exterior lifespan.

HVAC Check-Up:
A pre-heating season maintenance service ensures that your air conditioning equipment is in top condition to meet summer demands, keeping your home cool and your plans uninterrupted.

Replace or Repair Leaky Doors and Windows:
Installing new windows and doors enhances insulation, improving your home's energy efficiency. A well-insulated home requires less energy to maintain comfortable temperatures.

Are Your Gutters Okay?:
Gutters are crucial for protecting your home from water damage. Overflowing gutters can damage walls and foundations by failing to channel rainwater away correctly. Causes may include clogs, sagging gutters preventing water from reaching downspouts, or inadequate sizing for rain runoff.

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What does the rainbow flag mean?

Red = Life
Orange = Healing
Yellow = Sunlight
Green = Nature
Indigo = Serenity
Violet = Spirit

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LGBT Pride Month occurs in the United States to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which happened at the end of June 1969. Pride Month commemorates both the accomplishments and years of struggle for civil rights and the ongoing pursuit of equal justice under the law for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community.

Moran Insurance is a founding sponsor of Annapolis Pride.

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Would you take a vacation during hurricane season?


Prepare for an "Above Normal' 2024
Hurricane Season

food network turkey recipeThe four steps to hurricane preparedness:

Stay Informed: Keep updated with the latest weather forecasts and emergency alerts from local authorities and reputable sources. Monitor the progress of hurricanes and tropical storms to stay informed about potential impacts on your area.

Reduce Flood Risk: Take proactive measures to minimize flood risk around your home. This can include installing flood barriers or sandbags, clearing gutters and downspouts, ensuring proper drainage, and elevating critical utilities or belongings.

Understand the distinction between hurricane watches and warnings:

Hurricane Watch Issued when hurricane conditions are possible within the specified area, typically within 48 hours.

Hurricane Warning: Issued when hurricane conditions are expected within the specified area, typically within 36 hours. Please take action immediately to protect life and property.

Help Others Prepare: Support your community and assist those needing help preparing for a hurricane. This can include sharing preparedness tips, assisting with securing property, checking on neighbors, and ensuring vulnerable individuals have access to necessary resources.

Following these steps can significantly enhance your readiness and resilience in the face of hurricanes and tropical storms.

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Easy Grilled Pizza

Our friends at "Tastes Better from Scratch" put together this fantastic summer treat. Simple ingredients and steps make it a summer hit!

Take your pizza-making experience to the next level by making Grilled Pizzas with pizza dough and your choice of pizza sauce and toppings! Cooking pizza on the grill gives it an excellent taste and texture you don't get from a regular oven.

For this recipe, you can use homemade or store-bought pizza dough. Layer it with your choice of pizza sauce and toppings, and cook it to crisp, chewy, melty perfection right on the grill.

Read the Recipe HERE

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